Monday 24 July 2023

Writers HQ

I've noticed that several recent prose prizewinners have something in common - they belong to UK-based WritersHQ - You can use many of their resources without joining them - e.g.

Donations are welcomed, though joining needn't cost anything - the reason for joining is that passing stories around for comment by members count as "private communication" so they can subsequently be sent out to magazines/competitions. Joining also gives you access to "Swipe Write for beta readers" - a way to find like-minded writers to swap stories with.

They run "retreats" too. For example, in Milton Keynes one Saturday a month, 10-4, there's a gathering (no workshopping or teaching, just a chance to claim some "me time") for £45 (which includes lunch and bottomless coffee).

If you want professional support, see - one option is an 8,000 word critique + Zoom session costing £250.

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