Saturday 20 November 2021

Literary Quiz - Places

Answers are at the end

Which city is this in?

On which bridge is this sign?

Where are these two towers?

Who is represented here, and where?

Where is this pub and why is it famous?

Where is this sign?

Where is this?

Joyce in Dublin. Bunyan in Bedford. Two Towers in Birmingham (where Tolkien grew up). They're near a watermill where he used to play. They're models of 2 nearby towers which might have inspired him. George Bernard Shaw in Wheathampstead (waiting for a train at a no longer used station). The Oxford pub is where Tolkien and CS Lewis drank. Samuel Beckett bridge is in Dublin. Dante's bones are in Ravenna I think.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Old Toys

An ancient board game (actually just a piece of cardboard. I suspect it was free in a magazine) from the early days of Dr Who. Note that Daleks are flying even then! My first visit to the cinema was to see Dr Who - in colour.

I liked Stingray too. Not long ago I visited the Toy Museum at Stansted Mountfichet. This jigsaw was one of several toys on display that I still own.

"Thunderbirds" was my favorite TV program. Many of my notions about plot derive from the program. Before the series began I recall entering a competition to invent a name for its villian. The prize was a Dalek. I think I suggested "The Cobra". He became "The Hood". This card is from a cooperative board game that's rather like Pandemic

I played serious games too. I learnt chess in junior school. This old pocket board of mine has been through the wars. Some squares have clearly seen more use than others.