Wednesday 14 December 2022

Future Karaoke #2

On Dec 13 the second event of this series happened in atmospheric St John's - a hybrid event with a good physical attendance given the weather (I had intended to go, but Zoom was too tempting). The prompts this time were from Shakespeare's Winter's Tale. Kirsty Irving, Vona Groarke (in person - I think she's writer in residence there at the moment), John Greening, etc., read prose and poetry.

So I guess that concludes my year of literary events. I've seen Zoom-only, hybrid (in-person and remotely), in-person only, and residential (a weekend). People are in the main comfortable with the technology now (few "can you hear me?" interruptions) and the all important chit-chat aspect is catered for, whatever the delivery method.

Organisers of future small events have decisions to make. Some people can only attend remotely. Others like the in-person vibe and interesting venues. Hybrid might sound like the best option but it's the most challenging technologically and organisationally. Some groups are planning a programme with mix of in-person meetings and Zoom meetings. This risks splitting established groups (which may be small already) into 2, but at least it keeps most people happy most of the time. Tricky.

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