Tuesday 13 December 2022

Cafe Writers, 12th Dec

Yesterday I attended a Cafe Writers poetry evening. Zoom. It worked well. The format was like a standard event with 2 halves, each half beginning with open-mic (a poem or 2 minutes of prose) leading onto a headliner (Jenny Robb and Helena Nelson). Between the open-mic contributions there were brief comments by the chair (Ramona Herd, Julia Webb). At half-time, and before/after the official business, the mikes were all left unmuted, and there was a further opportunity to comment by using the chat panel. The main performers showed the text of their poems as they read them.

It's Norwich-based, and they're going to have some in-person events next year, but I suspect there'll be pressure to continue the Zoom sessions. Participants came from France, India, etc., and the guest readers were from the North. It was a snowy evening, so even the locals might have struggled to attend an in-person event.

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