Wednesday 28 September 2022

CB1: John Greening

On 27th September I went to see John Greening at CB1. Evenings there can sometimes be rather quiet (attendance figures depend on the weather, if it's during term, etc) but yesterday there were well over 30 people - standing room only. For the open-mic I read an updated version of my recent "Oh I do like to be" poem from Acumen, not knowing at the time that I was sitting next to Susan Mackervoy, who'd written a review that was in the same issue.

John Greening was aimable, providing helpful commentary on his poems. As I've said elsewhere, he's published many (20?) books and pamphlets, has done collaborations, and writes some long poems, which are all features which instinctively put me on my guard - irrationally, because he's won the Bridport for heaven's sake. I liked his Egyptian poem, but I still wasn't convinced by his poem (really a list of short poems) about a totem pole, or another list poem involving types of wood.

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