Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Old Toys

An ancient board game (actually just a piece of cardboard. I suspect it was free in a magazine) from the early days of Dr Who. Note that Daleks are flying even then! My first visit to the cinema was to see Dr Who - in colour.

I liked Stingray too. Not long ago I visited the Toy Museum at Stansted Mountfichet. This jigsaw was one of several toys on display that I still own.

"Thunderbirds" was my favorite TV program. Many of my notions about plot derive from the program. Before the series began I recall entering a competition to invent a name for its villian. The prize was a Dalek. I think I suggested "The Cobra". He became "The Hood". This card is from a cooperative board game that's rather like Pandemic

I played serious games too. I learnt chess in junior school. This old pocket board of mine has been through the wars. Some squares have clearly seen more use than others.

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