Monday, 26 April 2021

All my reviews of story collections

I've made a list of links to my 250+ reviews of story collections I've read. Most of the write-ups briefly review each story in the collection. A few go further, seeking themes, etc.

I'm surprised not so much by how many I've read, but how much I've forgotten. Impressions that have stood the time of time include -

  • Ones to watch - Elizabeth Baines, Chris Beckett, Vanessa Gebbie, Mark Haddon, Miranda July, Adam Marek, Danielle McLaughlin, David Means, K.J. Orr, Angela Readman, Ali Smith
  • Ones to miss - Douglas Dunn, Penelope Lively, Rose Tremain
  • Stories - "Maxine" by Tim Etchells, "Walk the blue fields" by Claire Keegan, "Everything in this country must" by Colum McCann, "The Goldfish" by David Means, "Watching God" by China Mieville, "All Downhill from Here" by Guy Ware

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