Friday 2 August 2019

Unthology 11 launch

Yesterday I attended a launch of the story collection, "Unthology 11", in Norwich, in the murky literary equivalent of the Cavern. It's published by Unthank Books, who publish other worthwhile fiction collections and run tempting courses. A small press that focuses on fiction is especially worth supporting.

As its title suggests, it's not an anthology. The pieces are chosen from what's submitted - previously unpublished non-Flash stories. This is different from the Best British Stories anthology, where the editor picks from whatever magazines and books s/she can get his hands on. Other anthologies (e.g. Pushcart in the US) invite editors to nominate and send in work they've published. And some anthologies (e.g. The Bristol Prize anthology) print a competition's short-listed pieces.

Jude Cook read at the evening first. He describes how the piece came about on the Unthology blog. As usual with Norwich events I dashed off to catch the 9.15 train, thus missing the end, but it was worth the trip.

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