Tuesday 21 May 2019

Anglo-Indian poetry event

I've had to miss some recent Ely, Bedford and Cambridge readings because of other commitments. On 17th May, though bug-ridden, I managed to attend an Anglo-Indian event. I knew of 2 of the poets there, Prabhu Guptara and (pictured against a musical, artistic backdrop) Rishi Dastidar (Nine Arches Press). Usha Akella, Mona Dash, Kavita A. Jindal, Jessica Mookherjee, Soul Patel and Yogesh Patel performed too.

Rishi, fresh from being Guest Tutor at an Arvon Course ("Poetry: Towards a Collection"), read from his book the pieces I most liked - "A shark comes to dinner" gets better each time I hear/see it.

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