Monday 22 August 2016

Books I plan to read

I've managed to shrink my list considerably (but expanded it again in Jan 2017). Here are the prose, poetry and theory books on my current wanted list

  • Ashfeldt, Lane - "Saltwater"
  • DeLillo - "The Angel Esmeralda"
  • Galloway - Jellyfish
  • Goldschmidt - novel
  • Garth Greenwell - What Belongs to You
  • Gospodinov
  • Hall, Tina - "The physics of imaginary objects"
  • Hempel, Amy - short stories
  • Logan, Kirsty - "The Rental Heart"
  • Sexton, Kay - "Gatekeeper"
  • Szalay, David - "All That Man", "All Other ..."
  • Walsh, Joanna - "Vertigo"
  • Wigfall, Clare - short stories
  • Barlow, Mike - poems
  • Boast, Rachel
  • Capildeo, Vahni
  • Foggins -"Much Possessed"
  • Majmudar Amit
  • Pickford - Swimming with Jellyfish
  • Smith, Tracy - Life on Mars
  • Kirsch, Adam - "The Modern Element"
  • Paglia - "Break, Burn ..."


  1. There’s an arbitrariness to how I choose books to read these days. I have no idea what I’m going to read next just as I couldn’t have told you a few days ago that I’d finally indulge myself and read another Philip K. Dick. I think I prefer it this way and I’m rather grateful people have stopped pestering me for reviews because I truly hated having to read books. I love books—love ’em to pieces—but I’m still not the voracious reader I’ve always wanted to be.

    I’ve recently read DeLillo’s Zero K—excellent work. Hadn’t considered his short stories (hadn’t looked to see if he’d written any to be honest) but now I know they’re there I may well give them a go because I do tend to shy away from shorter forms these day, shorter than novellas that is—love novellas.

  2. I rather depend on libraries, especially for novels. I try to keep up with certain authors, and take notice of reviews. DeLillo's one of the few authors who can make me think "wow", though he can be hard work.