Sunday 8 February 2015

Poetry about poetry

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  1. I have a whole book—a full length collection, not merely a chapbook—coming out filled with poems about poetry and an introductory essay explaining why so I won’t go on here about how I feel on the subject other than to wonder how any poet could fail to be fascinated by poetry. We’re interested in just about everything else and find poetry in the most unlikely of places so why would we not be immensely curious about what we do and why we need to do it? I’ve just read through the proof copy and can find no errors. Carrie will give it a final once over and then we’ll get the first—and, probably, only—batch printed up. I will, of course, send you a copy when they come back.

  2. I'm write aphoristic ars poetica, many of which I've post to my blog

    It seems natural that a poet would from time to time turn his/her attention to writing about what makes a poem a poem or to try to express some of the magic of poetic composition when it's going well.

    It occurs to me that there's probably an element in writing an ars poetica that is akin to an artist's self-portrait.