Sunday 18 May 2014

books I plan to read

I carry a list of books/authors around, in case I visit a bookfair or 2nd hand bookshop.

Ashfeldt, Lane - "Saltwater"
Ballard - "Dead Astronomy"
Caplan - "Questions of Possibility"
Cullin - "A Slight Trick of the Mind"
Davis, Carys - stories
DeLillo - "The Angel Esmeralda"
Doerr - "Memory Wall"
Goldschmidt - novel
Hall, Tina - "The physics of imaginary objects"
Iyer - "Wittgenstein Junior"
Johnson, Kij - "At the mouth of the river of bees"
Leslie, Ann - "Ancilliary Justice" (SF)
Levy, Deborah - stories
Logan, Kirsty - "The Rental Heart"
Moore, Alison - stories
Paul, Collette - "Whoever chose love"
Pynchon - "Bleeding eye"
Rose - "Posthumous stories"
Tarrant, Padrika - novel
Tuttle - a short story
Walter - "We Live in Water"
Yorcenar - "Zeno of Bruge / Abyss"

Barlow, Mike - poems
Brant, Clare - "Dark Eggs"
Chandler, Catherine - "Lines of Flight"
Chase, Linda - poems
Corbett, Maryann - poems
Henson, Stuart - poems
Kennard, Luke - "...hotel"
Maier, Jennifer - (US)
McCullough - "Frost Fairs"
Payne, Stephen
Ragan, James (US)
Ryan, Kay - Flamingo, Niagara
Smith, Tracy - Life on Mars
Tapiador, Frank - his Bridport 2002 poem
Wainwright - poems

Attridge - Moving Words
Carey - "what good are the arts"
Forsythe - "elements of style"
Harris - "the end of absence" (internet)
Herbert - "Strong words"
Lightman - "Einstein's dream"
Macdonald, Helen - "H is for Hawk"
Paglia - "Break, Burn ..."


  1. I don’t have a set reading list. There are authors I expect to return to—Paul Auster, Herta Müller, possibly Philip Roth although I read a lot of him last year—but that’s about it. I have a copy of The Wall by Marlen Haushofer I want to read (my wife got me a copy plus the DVD) but that’s about it. I am trying to read more women. Looking at my shelves it’s embarrassing how few women—even the greats—I’ve never read so I do plan to rectify that. This year I’ve read Anne Tyler, Margaret Drabble (two books), A.S. Byatt, Virginia Woolf (although if you’d asked me five minutes ago I’d’ve sworn I’d never read her so I can’t’ve been that impressed), Jessica Bell, Maria Konnikova (non-fiction), Marina Mander, Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, Maureen F. McHugh, Hwang Sun-mi and Anne Donovan which is 12 out of 48 books, so 25% which could be better but we’ll see if we can improve on that before the end of the year. I have an arbitrary target set of 100 books which if I don’t read too many long books I should be able to manage.

  2. They're listed for various reasons - mostly because they've been recommended to me more than once, though there's the odd unread classic (Vonnegut) or short story I want to re-read (Tuttle). I'm following Campbell and Tarrant with particular interest, and I'm looking forward to reading Doerr. Of course I could just buy them all, but trawling for them in shops/fairs, or getting them for Xmas is more fun. The M/F ratio is about 1 - phew.