Thursday 17 January 2013

Leamington Literary Salon, 30th Jan

I do quite a few talks at work, but I don't often do readings. My first one was in Nottingham. Henry Normal was the big act.

On the right is my second attempt, in Norwich (I miss those trousers). It was at the "Sixth National Convention of Poets and Small Presses", May 1990. Apparently I shared a session with Eric Alexander. Muriel Bell, Pamela Proctor and Henry Cleverly. Dannie Abse was the star turn.

My third was in Kings College Cambridge, supporting William Oxley.

Then I tried 2 open-mic sessions in 2011 at CB1, Cambridge.

Then there was a HappenStance event at Leicester's "States of Independence" in 2012 with Peter Daniels, Robin Vaughan-Williams and Sally Festing.

Later in the year there was a launch in Leamington Spa, my first attempt at reading prose (photo above).

Next will be at Leamington Literary Salon, taking place on Wednesday 30th January, 7.30pm. It'll be rather different to what I've done before.

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