Friday, 14 December 2012

Review of "By All Means"

Tony Williams has written the first review of "By All Means", for which much thanks. He points out that nearly all the characters could be middle-aged men, which is true. A previously published female-POV piece and 2 non-character pieces failed to make the cut. I've tried doing kid-POV, unsuccessfully.

He sorts the stories into three groups - "the artfully constructed personal histories, the metafiction-y ones, and the rest". When I submitted the long-list of stories, I sent a classification too -
  • Mainstream - Prague 86, The Big Climb, Late, Doors and Windows, Olga [4 others not chosen]
  • Pretentious - [all 3 not chosen]
  • Gloomy loner - Fractals [1 other not chosen]
  • Non-realist - [all 3 not chosen]
  • Comedy - [all 2 not chosen]
  • Narratively challenging - Method of Loci, Definitions [2 others not chosen]

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