Thursday, 29 November 2012


On Sunday I had to take a son to Rugby to play hockey. I didn't think that Rugby and Cambridge had much in common, but coincidences abounded. Having parked the car opposite "Bargain Booze" we walked around. Firstly, we passed a memorial to Sir Frank Whittle. I pass a blue plaque about him each day that I go to work - I didn't realise that his Jet Engine development happened in Rugby.

We noticed a Rupert Brooke pub, which surprised me because there's one in Grantchester. Later, by chance, I passed his place of birth. We also visited Rugby school (which is where his father worked).

The hockey event took place in fields far from the school we had the address for, so we asked for directions. The name of the road rang a bell - Nine Arches Press's address!

We didn't have time to see the museum of Rugby, though there were reminders throughout the city. Stefano Bettarello was the only Italian Rugby player featured on the tourist walk.

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