Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Bridport Prize

"The 2012 competition winners have now been notified"

Oh well. I thought I might have had a chance of being long-listed this time. I sent in 2 very different stories - one Realist, in sections, the other SF or psychological, depending on how it's read. I don't think I can write much better than that. I fear I might be grumpy when I read the winning stories.

So it's back to the singles bars. A new start. America maybe.


  1. Just read your collection. Amazing stories, much enjoyed... and if its any consolation, I sent a story in too... no joy!

  2. Thanks. I would have submitted The Bridport stories as part of the manuscript but they were in another competition at the time. I guess it's worth keeping something in reserve, and in any case it's too late to chop and change now, much though I'm tempted.