Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Cambridge literary locations

Many writers have lived in Cambridge, sometimes when they were students. Some just visit ("Cambridge made me very black and down. I cannot bear its smell of rottenness" DH Lawrence). It's not easy determining the exact addresses where they stayed. Here's a list of some.

  • Rupert Brooke - The Orchard, Grantchester
  • Dickens - stayed at the Eagle
  • EM Forster - staircase A, King's
  • Gide - Byron's Lodge, Grantchester
  • Thom Gunn - Whewell's Court
  • Hughes+Plath - 55 Eltisley Avenue
  • Henry James - 8 Trumpington St
  • Marlowe - staircase P, Corpus Christi
  • Milton - staircase M3, Christs
  • Nabokov - 2 Trinity Lane
  • Pepys - stayed at the Falcon Inn, Petty Cury
  • Plath - Whitstead Hostel, Barton Rd
  • Tennyson - 57 Corpus Buildings, Trumpington St and 12 Rose Crescent
  • Dylan Thomas - stayed a night at 274a Mill Rd
  • Wordsworth - staircase F, St Johns

If Shakespeare performed in Cambridge when his company visited, it would have been at The Eagle

The information's from - the web, "Literary Cambridge" by Lisa Sargood (Sutton Publishing, 2004), and "A literary history of Cambridge" by Graham Chainey (Pevensey Press, 1985)

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