Sunday 22 April 2012

Oulipo - my contributions

  • Russian Doll (published in Aesthetica). This is in the "Russian Doll" form - to get the continuation of the piece, take the first letter of each word. Continue this process, taking the first letter of the continuation's words, and so on until only one word is left - the final word is 'inside'.
  • Met a Star's Eyes/Metastasize (published today in "The Journal of Microliterature"). This is a long homonyn (if the sound isn't the same, the spelling is)

Both are feasibility studies, potential works.


  1. Heee! I love these - I wonder if Id ever have the patience to do something as clever and complex as this? With Met a Star's Eyes and Mestastasise, I found myself flipping back and forth to see what words you'd used - loved Super-pseud and Sue persued... magic! congrats on both pubs.

  2. Don't try this at home. I began "Met a Star's Eyes" in the 1900s.

    However, less extreme prose acrostics are quite easy to do, and have been used by journalists as well as novelists.

    Graphological forms (based on spelling) are less popular than forms based on sound (metre, rhyme) or number (syllabics). I suppose this is because of the oral tradition, but it's a shame.