Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I've had a disappointing dribble of acceptances recently, though to some extent quality compensates for quantity.

  • "Weyfarers" has taken a four-liner
  • "Interpreter's House" took a poem that I like but 6 other magazines had rejected.
  • In the Ver Poets competition my poem didn't win a prize, nor was it "Highly Commended", or even "Commended", but it's been "Selected" for the anthology.
  • I've 2 poems in the Templar anthology

I've been sending away Flash Fiction (creating a spreadsheet dedicated to it) - 1 acceptance and 25 rejections so far. Meanwhile I've 24 things in the post, some going back to last year.

On the plus side, the news about my poetry pamphlet has firmed up. The scanned image is from "The HappenStance story, Chapter 4".

I suspect that nearly all the poems will be re-prints from magazines. In its first year, Joyce's "Dubliners" sold 379 copies, 120 bought by Joyce. I don't think I'll do any better but we'll see. At least I'm in good hands - Happenstance has won the 2010 Michael Marks award.

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