Monday, 6 April 2015

Some prose recommendations

Glancing back through some of my write-ups I noticed some authors and works I was particularly struck by, but haven't yet suggested to people. So here goes -

  • Short story writers - Padrika Tarrant, Sarah Hall, Jai Clare, Anthony Doerr
  • Flash/Short stories/Novellas -
    • "Everything in this country must" (Colum McCann)
    • "Story of your life" (Ted Chiang)
    • "What I've seen" (Dragan Todorovic)
    • "The Goldfish" (David Means)
    • "All downhill from here" (Guy Ware)
    • "Remaking the moon" (David Gaffney)
  • Novels - "So many ways to begin" (Jon McGregor)

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