Published prose


"The Builder"1986/1986Momentum 3
"Killing Time"1986/1986Clam 5
"The Writer"1987/1987Momentum 5
"Cast list"1987/2014Ink, Sweat & Tears
"Autumn and After"1987/1987Summit 2
"New Life"1987/1987Dream 13
SF. It came 4th in the 1987 charts. Stephen Baxter was 14th!
"The Last Man"1987/1989Momentum 11
"Night and Day"1987/1987 Nerve Gardens 2
"Prague '86"1987/2008 Transmission 11, By all means
"Just Visiting"1987/2018Black Market Re-view
"Jenny"1988/2003 Staple 55/56
"Mr Smith"1988/1988 New Moon 5
"The Birds"1988/1989 Dream 22
"Evolution"1988/2007 short fiction 1
1st prize in their inaugural competition. "'Evolution' is what so many stories aspire to be: familiar for its realism and yet new for its imaginative sphere. Raising the stakes, there's a level of objective empathy here - difficult territory for a writer, where a sensitive subject might slip into the sentimental, or alternatively be kept at too great a distance. But the story manages it with confident control, doling out the exposition in just the right amounts, moving between characters with wit and verve. A story where the narrator sits static in his Portobello armchair requires, perhaps, a more energetic mind than most, and this narrator has one. Always, there's something curious being mulled over, something whimsical in a whirligig of referents. Reagan's polyps as surprising a play as the assailing of Lord Hailsham with psychic bolts. To borrow an image, the story sways between a muted and a clashing adagio; images and emotions nicely in tune. The reader evolves with it at every unexpected turn" - Anthony Caleshu
"Dowsers"1991/1991Varsity 3rd May
2nd prize - "an alternate future meets the present at the Bee Keepers Society slide show"
"Fair Cop"1991/1994Panurge 20
"clever and original and funny" - John Murray
"Correspondence"1992/2015 Necessary Fiction
"Movie Making"1993/1996 Southfields 3
Creative non-fiction
"Gold"1994/1997Acumen 27
Creative non-fiction
"My love it is a red, red rose"1996/2016Jellyfish Review
"No Contest"1996/2019Cambridge Writers competition e-anthology Revenge
2nd prize - "This story was so much fun; even after the zillionth read, I still found myself grinning" - Ingrid Jendrzejewski
"The Big Climb"1997/1999 Staple 44, By all means
"It’s focused, restrained, and moving" - Tony Williams
"New Pastorals - a streetmap"1999/1999Riding the Meridian
"Russian Doll"2000/2004Aesthetica 5
A recursive acrostic using the "Russian Doll" form.
"First there is a mountain"2000/2020Cambridge Writers competition e-anthology
1st prize - "the yearning throughout the piece for connection and companionship – is absolutely beautifully done" - Una McCormack
"Their Little Secret"2001/2004Dream Catcher 14
"reveals the depths of faith or illusion love can generate" - Paul Sutherland
"The Perfect Cover"2001/2009 Bottom of the World
"Out of the blue"2004/2015 Cambridge Writers competition e-anthology
"Magnificent details ... Highly commended, brilliantly written" - Anne-Marie Garvey
"Doors and Windows"2006/2012 By all means
"Late"2006/2012 By all means
"Alan arrives late and they end up wandering round a graveyard in the dark getting drunker and drunker on the cider Colin’s bought; they even manage to get themselves locked in. Like all the other stories there’s humour here but really I just felt embarrassed for these two. As one should" - Jim Murdoch
"Method of Loci"2007/2009 Horizon Review, By all means
"The Economics of Despair"2007/2009 Everyday Fiction
"Muses"2008/2009 Staple 71
"Together"2008/2014 Toasted Cheese
"Definitions"2009/2011 Under the Radar 8, By all means
"Olga"2009/2012 By all means
"The Word Limit"2009/2014 Stand
"Death and deception"2009/2015Honest Ulsterman
Creative non-fiction
"Fractals"2010/2012 By all means
"Out"2010/2011 Ink, Sweat & Tears
"Metastasise"2010/2012 Journal of Microliterature
A pun
"Nobody's Perfect"2011/2012 Ink, Sweat & Tears
"Dreams"2011/2012 By all means
"the ambition of showing how lives are knitted together, while eschewing the Big Meaning, is impressive and worth pursuing" - Tony Williams
"Snapshots"2012/2016 Forge Literary Magazine
"Inside"2013/2014 Giant Pygmy
"The right time and place"2013/2015 Spelk
"A New Start"2014/2015 Cortland Review
"Art and Fire"2014/2015 Spelk
"Poetry and Death"2014/2016 Connotation Press
Creative non-fiction
"Scapegoat"2014/2017 Unthology
"Deathbed"2014/2017 Ellipsis Zine
"Doctors and Reviewers"2014/2017Cake
"Psychological Profiling"2014/2017Cake
"Theories of Meaning"2014/2017Cake
"Woman Trouble"2014/2018Cambridge Writers competition e-anthology
"What to believe"2015/2015 New Walk
"The Dark"2015/2017 Flash 9.2
"The New Me"2015/2017 Fictive Dream
"Interiors"2015/2017 Firefly
"Rejection"2015/2017 Drabble
"Poet and Artist"2015/2017Cake
"Dear Sir or Madam"2015/2017Cake
"Matters of life and death"2015/2020Postbox
"A family tradition"2016/2016 Toasted Cheese
"The Toilet Rolls Sketch"2016/2017 The Stockholm Review of Literature
"Three Summer Flights"2016/2017 Brilliant Flash Fiction
"Istanbul"2016/2021 CafeLit
"Absolution"2016/2022 Wild Word
"Pick up"2016/2023 Flashflood
"How time flies"2017/2017 Spelk
"Party"2017/2017 Ink, Sweat & Tears
"The Park"2017/2018 Spelk
"Bat Enclosure"2017/2018 Dogzplot
"Class"2017/2019 Unbroken
"Electricity"2017/2022 Pure Slush
"Other plans"2018/2019 Flashflood
"What she missed"2018/2019 Spelk
"Oh I do like to be"2018/2019 Postbox
"The Promise of science"2018/2019 Spelk
"Caring"2018/2019 Toasted Cheese
"It's not rocket science"2018/2020 Paragraph Planet
"Another Year"2018/2020 Spelk
"Hope"2018/2020 FlashFlood
"Nobody's fault"2018/2021 Ellipsis Zine 9
"Metamorphosis"2019/2021 Orbis
"Breaking the circle"2019/2022 York Literary Journal
"Balancing the books"2020/2021 Under the Radar
"Chaos theory"2020/2021 Fragmented Voices
"Visitors"2020/2021Cambridge Writers competition e-anthology
"Lapland"2020/2022Black Nore Review
"Wildlife"2020/2023Cambridge writers competition anthology
"It's never too late"2020/2023Literally stories
"Run, run"2021/2021Splonk 5
"All I can say"2021/2022The Dribble Drabble
"Snap"2021/2022Cambridge Writers competition e-anthology
"Made for each other"2021/2023JMWW
"Tattoo Park"2022/2023Worcester Review
"Not Far"2022/2023Toasted cheese
"Making it better"2022/2023Briefly zine
"A promising writer"2022/202351 and a half games and ideas for writers
"Getting on"2022/2023Dreamcatcher
"Disappearing"2023/2023Moonpark review
"Past and present"2023/2023Flash Fiction Festival Anthology 6
"Clichés"2023/2023Pure Slush: Loss
"Lockdown"2023/2023Suddenly and without warning


Acumen 21, 29, 49, 58, 66, 73; Envoi 121; Jennings 7; Link 69, 75; Miscellanea 3; Poetry Nottingham 52.3, 53.4; Sol 30, Threshold 2014, Hinterland 2014, Lighthouse


Staple 58; Poetry Nottingham 62.2


Acumen 18, 22, 24, 26, 30, 36, 45, 65; Dreams 29; Envoi 113, 127; Panurge 9; Poetry Nottingham 49.3; PN Review 98; Rialto 46


By all means

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