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The magazines below welcome Flash. Magazines have a more tolerant attitude nowadays, so even if a magazine doesn't explicitly welcome Flash, submission might be worthwhile even if it's a poetry magazine. A note like "$3/$20" in the table below means that there's a $3 charge for submitting, and a $20 reward for publication

MagazineWord limitGuidelinesNotes
Potato soup journal=10, 1000online
Blink Ink=50onlinethemed
The Dribble Drabble Review=50, =100online
Paragraph Planet=75online
The Drabble100online
Microfiction Monday50-100online
Drabblecast=100, 500-4000onlineSF, Horror, Fantasy. Pays.
Splonk100, 500onlineHas windows
Citron review100,1000onlineFeb-Nov
100 word story=100online$2 for online submission
101 Fiction=101onlineThemed
AdHoc 150onlineWeekly prompts. Public voting
Hoot 150online$2 for online submission
Flash frontier250online4/year. Themed
Reflex180-360onlineA 4-monthly competition with many entries published
Flash Magazine360onlineA5 booklet
Burnt Breakfast400online
Fractured Lit400/1000onlinePays $50/$75. Emotional resonance
NUNUM500online$3/$20. Each text combined with graphics
Sonder500onlineThemed with windows
Bear Review500online$3 to submit
Right Hand Pointing500online
FlashFlood500onlineOpens near National Flash-Fiction Day
Sonic Boom500onlineprefers prose-poems to stories
Unbroken Journal500onlineProse poems
Cheap pop500onlineJune and Nov windows
FlashBack Fiction500onlinehistorical
Toasted Cheese 500online
The Phare500online£3/0. Some issues themed
FewerThan500 500online
Vestal review500onlineNot Jun, Jul, Dec, Jan. Paper. $2/$25
Journal of Compressed Creative Arts600onlinePays $50
Pine cone review600onlineHas window and sometimes themes
Brevity750onlineCreative non-fiction. Pays $45
New Flash Fiction750online$3.50 to submit
Milk Candy review750onlinebeautifully weird, lyrical
Ink, Sweat & Tears750online
Litro online800online$3
Atticus Review800online$3/$10
Pure Slush100-1000onlineThemed. Paper/e-book only
Flash Fiction Magazine300-1000onlinepublishes a story a day
Flash fiction online500-1000onlinePays $50
Barren Magazine1000onlineabout the complexities of the human condition
Flash Frog 1000online$25
Epiphany 1000online$5/$25
Story Shack 1000online
Craft 1000online$100
Ghost Parachute 1000online
Ellipsis zine 1000online
Jellyfish Review 1000online
Into the Void 1000onlinePrint and WWW
StepAway Magazine 1000onlineUrban theme
matchbook1000onlinePays $20
Everyday fiction1000onlinePays $3
Word Riot1000online"Edgy... experimental"
FRiGG1000onlineauthors get $50
Threadcount1000onlinefiction, nonfiction, and hybrid text
Lost Balloon1000onlineSubmit 1st week of each month
Split lip1000onlinePays. Submission free in Dec, Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, and Oct
Fiction Kitchen1000onlineweird, strange, surreal
Wigleaf1000onlinefinal week of acad months
Ambit1000onlineHas reading periods. You pay to submit
Smokelong quarterly1000online
Brilliant Flash Fiction1000online
The Fiction Pool1000online
The Wild Word1000onlineBerlin-based. Themed
Sizzle1200online$3/$100. For readers aged 11 plus.
Willows Wept Review1500onlineseasonally themed writing
Virtual Zine1500onlineMay - June
Cease, Cows1500online
Fiction Southeast1500online$2 to submit
Twelve Stories1500online
20x201500onlineLoosely themed. Rich graphics
Connotation pressanyonline
fictive dream500+online

Updated January 2022

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